Oh, I love you so Milano!

Bongiorno ragazzi!

I was incredibly excited to be back in Milan where we spent four days loaded with energetic atmosphere. It is always a pleasure to be in Milan during fashion week.

Milan is my home away from home, so I always love getting back to the city.


First day here was filled with running around, which can only mean one thing: comfort. I opted for a casual chic outfit with white sneakers (they will never go out of style, in my opinion) and my latest obsession: belts.


Every time I travel, I love to search for different stores and vintage boutiques. In Milan I recommend: Cavalli E Nastri if you are a vintage addict and Wait and See , a sort of bohemian luxury.


Brera, bohemian district of Milan, one of my favorites! It is known to be one of the most characteristic and beautiful area in the whole city. We enjoyed the food, drinks and vibes of Brera district especially by evening.


I am a macha lover and I couldn’t have missed Macha Cafe in Milan. On top of the several macha-themed things on the menu, you might totally fall for their pancakes. Yummy! If you like green tea this is the place to be.


Dolce & Gabbana brought their latest #DGShow to La Rinascente and presented an open catwalk-models in all black jumpsuits wearing D&G accessories. Yes! Want them all 🙂


Wearingoutfit 1: H&M dress & Tommy Hilfiger sneakers  –outfit 2: Guess dress , Musette shoes & Lemnia bag  –outfit 3: Ento blazer, Zara pants & Furla bag  –outfit 4 Zara kimono
See you soon in Dubai!

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