Pink Affair

Pink or.. pink?!

I believe age is not an impediment to wear this fabulous color in all the possible ways. Starting with accessories, bags, shoes and finishing with clothing pieces. Very important: don’t wear all of them at once!I like to believe that my wardrobe represents all my possible moods and I have to admit that for me, to feel comfortable, it’s the most important part of choosing an outfit. If you are comfortable with what you are wearing, your attitude and confidence will glow. My style depends on so many aspects, like my surroundings, which part of the day it is, and most importantly : it’s based on my temper.

Do you know that moment when your outfit matches the place tones and you are so enthusiastic while searching your camera? My pink lace blazer felt in love with Bistro Matrioska and you can see the results below 🙂


What is your favorite pink clothing item?


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