10 Things About Me


1. Vogue! I’m a Vogue collector and everytime I visit a different country, my favorite souvenir is Vogue magazine.

2. Icecream & Chocolate ! With this two goodies my life gets so tasty.

3. Gym! I love doing sports especially in the mornings 🙂

4. My favorite city is … Milan ! I have it on my travel list every year.

5. My perfume is definitely Dot by Marc Jacobs.

6. Fav drink : Prosecco

7. I am currently wearing braces and it may take another year to get the perfect & healthy smile that I want.

8. I’m the only child in my family.

9. I stopped eating meat 4 years ago and recently I’ve  replaced milk products with coconut or almond milk.

10. This blog came out as my passion for fashion and everything that inspires me. On the daily bases I am working as a Recruiter and I love finding inspiration everywhere.


Pinkfaux fur & SequindressfromZara

Tights: Calzedonia   Earrings : H&M

One Comment Add yours

  1. michaela says:

    I love it


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