Electric Fuchsia

Electric pink looks perfect on dresses & bags, as well as on outwear, right?

I kept an eye on recent runaways and it was really fun to see explosions of color. While, I am not entirely ready to abandon neutral palettes, there was something about this fuchsia coat that grabbed my attention. I found it on a rainy day this september, in NYC at Century 21st, and it was love at first try : )

Hair crimping is one of my latest obsession; this may be the solution if you are looking for an alternative of summer beachy waves.

Learning to crimp your hair withouth a crimper not only prevents hair damage but eliminates one more styling product you have to buy. The easiest way to obtain a great result is to braid your hair over night. In the morning, when you remove the braids , gently run your fingers through your hair and add hairspray- does miracles if you keep the right distance.


Adding metallic accessories to an outfit is my favorite part! You don’t have to save your shiny metallic clothing or accessories for nights out or holiday parties. There is always a way to incorporate them into everyday outfits, starting with jewelry, shoes, bags and finishing with nails.

The type of the belt that I’m wearing gives me the opportunity to mix it with jeans, trousers, shirts and even coats. If you are not a jewelry person you can get the same effect with this type of accesory.


What is your favorite electric color for this season? What about metallic accessories?

Pants & Belt : Zara //  Coat : Century21st //  Bag: Love Moschino

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